The enigma of affordable consulting

"... too few businesses can share in the advantages of professional business consulting due to exuberant costs which can be ascribed to a large number of consulting firms being over managed and under led..."    - Albert Cruywagen: CE quantumiii

quantumiii's answer:

Affordable Management Consulting

  • Establishing ourselves as an innovative and affordable practice, necessitated that we explore uncharted waters in the market  - but also that we do things differently.
  • A unique management structure and business model allows quantumiii to offer you affordable management consulting.
  • Allow yourself and your business access to equally professional, state of the art services  -  at prices well below the industry standard.
  • quantumiii can live up to this promise because we are not in competition with anyone.

Our business philosophy remains:  under-promise,  over-deliver  and  always add value.