Actionable information  &  knowledge management services

Our approach to Knowledge Management goes far beyond the quick fix solutions or views offered by many others. This approach is intended to move the thinking of executives towards a strategic and systemic view of Knowledge Management.

"Knowledge Management caters to the critical issues of organisational adaption, survival and competence in face of increasingly discontinuous environmental change. Essentially, it embodies organisational processes that seek synergistic combination of data and information processing capacity of information technologies, and the creative and innovative capacity of human beings." - Dr Yogesh Malhotra

In the current hyper-competitive environment, the creation and application of new knowledge is vital to the survival of any enterprise. Some reasons why you would benefit by a well-structured actionable information & knowledge management initiative include:

  • Intangible products - global trade is increasingly moving from the traditional, tangible goods of the manufacturing economy to information and ideas.
  • Continuous innovation. The application of new knowledge is the only sustainable competitive advantage of organisations or companies.
  • Staff turnover. Ensuring that when experts leave an organisation or company, their knowledge have been captured in organisational processes or people who have learned from them.
  • “If only we knew what they know”. Organisations (especially when large/geographically dispersed) are often not aware of knowledge and expertise existing internally and expertise learnt and applied in one part of the organisation is not leveraged in another.

Much of this content does not exist at the beginning of a Knowledge Management initiative. Creating this content is not necessarily beyond the capabilities of a company’s employees - but is not what they were employed to do, and it does not leverage their talents.

Determining who needs what knowledge, when, in what context, in what form, and for what purpose, is a strategic challenge in itself.

We will help you resolve these issues, and deal with the cultural and political complexities that inevitably arise once you begin to implement an Actionable Information & Knowledge Management initiative.

We can help you capture, understand and structure your company's information so your people can share and leverage it more effectively.

quantumiii now offer you these unique services:

  • Conducting of research on the information problems and/or requirements of clients to identify concepts for new or enhanced information solutions.
  • Transformation of these concepts into specialised information products and services.
  • The methodology used in compiling these products or services combines an analytical approach with quantitative research methods. In addition to this also the integration of externally published and internally created information resources to create new client-specific information products.
  • Customisation of existing information services to better meet the specific needs and usage patterns of clients. Can also assist in the integration of separate document management, library and other databases into a single Knowledge Management System.
  • Developing and delivery of specific information packages or alerting services for clients such as business intelligence, industry monitors, topic, trend or issue indicators.
  • Extracting, filtering and dissemination of vital external information/competitive intelligence.
  • Designing and developing effective platforms for knowledge sharing in companies.
  • Education of others in the use of information tools and technologies in a variety of ways, from training people in finding the information they want on the Internet or in proprietary databases to integrating information tools into the clients’ workflow.
  • Assistance in the selection of the most appropriate knowledge management tools for companies. This includes the development of user requirement specifications and functional requirements for Knowledge Management Systems.
  • The development of document retention schedules and procedures to meet regulatory requirements.

Contact quantumiii now for:

  • Development & delivery of specific information packages & alerting services
  • Information problems and/or requirements research
  • Transform concepts to specialised information products & services
  • Scientific, analytical approach
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Integration of information resources
  • Creation of new client-specific information products
  • Customisation of existing information services
  • Integration of separate document management, library and other databases into single Knowledge Management System
  • Supporting BI, industry monitors, topic, trend or issue indicators
  • Training you to find the information you want on the Internet or in proprietary databases
  • Integrating information tools into workflow
  • Assistance with selection of appropriate knowledge management tools
  • Development of user requirement specifications & functional requirements for Knowledge Management Systems
  • Development of document retention schedules and procedures to meet regulatory requirements
  • Competitive Intelligence (CI) support & consulting
  • Extracting, filtering and dissemination external information
  • Design & develop knowledge sharing platforms
  • Education in use of information tools & technologies                    

quantumiii will assist clients on projects or within their own environments or operations to fully understand their processes, information behaviours and how information services can be utilised most effectively.