Capability matrix

The matrix below clearly shows how – on a daily basis – you and your organisation can benefit from our services.Download 

quantumiii's Capability Matrix
See how you can - on a daily basis - benefit from quantumiii's unique services
quantumiii Capability Matrix.pdf (278.94KB)
quantumiii's Capability Matrix
See how you can - on a daily basis - benefit from quantumiii's unique services
quantumiii Capability Matrix.pdf (278.94KB)




Strategy Consulting

§  Strategic management consulting

§  Strategic Enterprise Transformation

§  Business Process Re-engineering

§  Systems Design and   integration


§  We build long term relationships and offer the full range of our services to meet client’s needs   from mission definition - through implementation - to operations support.

§  Our performance is measured by the quality of our work and the success of clients, and by our reputation for service, objectivity, integrity, and results.

§  Our mission is to serve clients in targeted markets to help them achieve their mission—by   making their mission “our mission.”

§  Necessity for full range of turn-key solutions

§  Integration of Management and Technology solutions through superior project management abilities

§  Unique and comprehensive skills transfer opportunity

§  Need for a “Trusted Advisor”

Human Capital Consulting
§  Strategic Human Capital Consulting

Human Capital Advisory Services

§  Institutional Restructuring & Organisational design

§  Value Engineering

§  Change Management

§  Management of Change

§  Organisation Culture Consulting

§  HC Management Processes 

§  Human Capital Development



Information Collection, Research Services and Support

§  Methodologically sound professional research services (focussing on interpretive analysis)   designed to suit client needs.

§  Research Support   for all phases of research with services tailored to meet client needs and timelines.

§  Collection and research systems consulting.

§  We view research as focused, systematic study and investigation undertaken to increase knowledge and understanding of a   subject.

§  Research is viewed inclusively to refer to scholarly, empirical, creative, critical, and/or   expressive activities in the sciences, humanities, arts, and other scholarly   fields, which expand, clarify, reorganise, or develop knowledge or perception.

§  Can you afford not to know?

§  It is pardonable to be defeated, but never to be surprised.

§  Successful   knowledge transfer involving not only computers or documents but rather interactions between people.

Executive  Coaching and  Leadership Development

§  Unique Executive   Coaching and Executive Support Programmes

§  Strategic Leadership and Management Development

§  Customised, strategically aligned, individual and corporate training and development solutions

§  Comprehensive offering of business relevant programmes
§  Action-based   development approach: learn – apply – measure

§  Ability to measure efficiency of training in the working environment

§  Sustainability of benefits for clients

§  Highly customisable   services

§  Fast-tracking Experience

§  Addressing the “Other 95%”

§  Upliftment, upskilling and acceleration programmes

§  Addressing Employment equity/BEE challenges

§  Building intellectual capacity for companies

§  Filling management voids

§  Addressing Africa’s ‘skills’ shortage

§  Integrating Skills Development & Learnership objectives