Coaching and Support Programme (CASP)

Management Development and Coaching

quantumiii’s approach to management development and leadership/executive coaching differs fundamentally from the “conventional wisdom” about the topic.

We do not view managerial development and coaching as belonging solely to the domain of behavioural scientists.  We advocate a holistic approach using the needs of clients as the main driver for successful engagement solutions.

Coaches work with clients in many areas including business, career, finances, health and relationships. Because of coaching, our clients set better goals, take more and better action, make better decisions, and use their natural strengths more effectively.

Our approach:

·          Coaching is not group-work!  We always work with clients on a one-on-one basis to ensure more rapid development and to produce results that are more satisfying.

·          Coaching is not consulting!  Coaches should engage in longer-term relationships with clients and work towards achieving the client’s goals. Coaches do not necessarily be experts in the client’s business. Our coaches are people experts and focus on both personal and business growth.

·          Coaching is not mentoring!  Mentors are usually experts in the specific business or sector. They are usually more concerned with content. A coach should focus on personal development - making growth more effective.

·          Coaching is not training!  Training is about acquiring new skills. Coaching is about operationalising internal resources. Elements of training methodology are used – but only to achieve coaching goals.

·          Coaching is not therapy!  Coaches do not fix people. Fixing implies that something is wrong with a person. Coaches work with congruent people to achieve agreed upon growth objectives.

·          Coaching does not have blinkers on!  We address both personal and business/professional goals. With the line between personal and business life increasingly blurring (already blurred?), a coach must of necessity view clients as a “whole human beings”.

Coaching and Support Programme (CASP)

CASP is a unique approach.

Over the last decade we have consolidated our view of executive coaching in general and our approach to the coaching of individuals in high profile and high stress environments specifically, into a highly customisable programme. Our approach is firmly rooted in our belief in the uniqueness of clients and their respective needs.

Our Coaching and Support Programme (CASP) is far more flexible and adaptable in its approach as well as in its user-friendliness, than any other offering currently available.

Clients opted for the CASP approach as traditional management development and coaching proved to be more expensive, often too theoretical and often producing truly useless results.

Through CASP we offer:

·          Initial specialist evaluation

·          A senior advisor / friend to the client

·          Specialist support as and when required

·          A pre-arranged number of support hours at the disposal of the client

·          Fixed (predictable) cost

·          Continued support (if included in the initial agreement).

The most unique feature of the CASP is that the client and quantumiii, can jointly and continuously determine and monitor the scope, intensity and developmental direction of the relationship according to unique requirements – and of course – available budget.

Focus Areas

The following provides an indication of the development areas which can be addressed (based of course on the outcomes of a needs assessment):




Administrative Skills

Establish Plans 

  Structure and Staff
  Develop Systems and Processes
  Manage Execution
  Work Efficiently

Communication Skills

Speak effectively

  Foster open communication
  Listen to others
  Deliver presentations
  Prepare written communication

Interpersonal Skills

Build relationships 

  Display organisational savvy
  Leverage networks
  Value diversity
  Manage disagreements

Leadership Skills

Provide direction 

  Lead courageously
  Influence others
  Foster teamwork
  Motivate others
  Coach and develop others
  Champion change

Motivation Skills

Drive for results 

  Show work commitment

Organisational Knowledge

Use financial and quantitative data 

  Use technical functional expertise
  Know the business

Organisational Strategy Skills

Manage profitability

  Commit to quality
  Focus on customer needs
  Promote corporate citizenship
  Recognise global implications

Self Management Skills

Act with integrity 

  Demonstrate adaptability
  Develop oneself

Thinking Skills

Think strategically 

  Analyse issues
  Use sound judgment